Releace May.24.2000
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   Chopin        Variations brillantes on a Rondo from Herold's Ludvic Op12
                 Nouturne F major Op15-1
                 Mazurka C major Op56-2
                         A flat major Op Potch
                         B major Op41-3
                         D major Op33-2
                         F minor Op68-4
                         B flat major Op7-1
                 Nocturne E major Op62-2
                 Waltz A flat major Op64-3
                 Nouvelle Etude A flat major
                 Prelude A flat Op Potch
                 Berceuse D flat major Op57
                 Barcarolle F sharp major Op60
                 Polonaise-Fantaisie A flat major Op61
                 Waltz F major Op34-3
                       D flat major Op64-1 'Minure'
                       G flat major Op70-1(Post)
                 Nocturne F sharp major Op15-2
                          F sharp minor Op48-2
                          D flat major Op27-2
                 Impromptu No.3 G flat major Op51
                 Mazurka A minor Op59-1
                         A flat major Op59-2
                         F sharp minor Op59-3
                 Impromptu No.1 A flat major Op29
                 Ballade No.3 A flat major Op47
                 Nocturne E flat major Op55-2
                 Andante spianato and Grand Polonaise E flat major Op22

      Peter Serkin(Piano) <1978-81>


      This CD is same to RCA Red Seal LP (ARL1-3344,ARCT-4035 and ARC1-4356)